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After pregnancy, giving birth, and a complicated recovery, I started to feel disconnected from my new post-pregnancy body. I had new aches and pains, a loss in muscle tone, and decreased confidence. I wanted to feel much stronger, but I had no idea how to do this. Going to a gym to fix it seemed stressful and overwhelming to me.

Enter Jenn! (She) listened to my thoughts and fears, assessed my current state and we built reasonable goals together. She laughed with me, encouraged me, challenged me, and cheered me on.

Over the course of 2 years of personal training, Jenn helped me build a new relationship with my body. I now understand how to work out safely and effectively. I know what it feels like to push myself just enough. I know how to warm up and cool down, and I know how to listen to the feedback signals I’m getting from my body. I can feel my individual muscles (and I even know what most of them do!)

Eventually, I fell back in love with running, something I loved to do when I was a teen. Now, I’m strong and fit enough to run long distances for pleasure, without injuring myself or feeling pushed to the limit. Running has been fantastic for my physical and mental health, and my training with Jenn meant that I had a strong physical foundation to work from. Last year I decided in August that I wanted to start running again, and I happily ran a 10k race that October, with no problems and no injuries. That would have been impossible without Jenn’s training.

My favourite thing about working out with Jenn is her smarts. Don’t get me wrong: she’s hilarious and silly, and sometimes made me laugh so hard I would break a pose. Working out with her is FUN! But my favourite part was how she was always ready to answer my questions with in-depth knowledge of form and function. When I hurt my wrist and thumb and had to wear a brace, Jenn did so much research so that we could continue to train my arms, back, and chest effectively.

Jenn gave me a huge gift and I’ll never forget it. I would recommend working out with her to anyone. Getting customized workouts and training from a kind, funny, smart person who wants you to succeed is far and away the smartest investment I’ve ever made in my physical health. If you want to give yourself new tools and make a lasting change, find Jenn. She helped me see fitness as something possible and available to me, something I don’t need to look a certain way to access, and that new mindset has changed my life.

Aimee O., teacher

I was scared it would either be too easy (like those trainers who just look bored and count) or too hard (like every movie in the history of movies). Instead, (Jenn) figured out exactly where I was in about two sessions and then figured out how to make me want to do more — that surprised me, that I actually wanted to do it. 

I like being stronger than I’ve ever been before or, frankly, than I ever thought possible… I’m aware of my body in a way I’ve never been before. I use to just think of it as meat that carries around my brain; now it does that, but is bad-ass at the same time.

Jenn is patient, kind, loving, and sometimes a complete bitch but only when you really deserve it. She will make you set a goal, and she will make you meet that goal, and then she will celebrate your desire to eat a whole pie afterwards. You deserve to hire someone who will love what you can do as much as you will. That’s Jenn. She’s magic.

B.C.G., English professor

(Jenn) trained me, whipped me and motivated me to be in the best shape I have ever been in my life. I run, jump, lift, skip, push and pedal practically every day…I am officially a fitness fanatic. A lot of that is self-discipline, but it all started with her.
After I severely ruptured a disk in my back I was told by my doctors that I would never be able to function properly again. I was walking with a cane and lost almost all feeling in one leg. I went through rehab, other trainers, and was still constantly in pain and in no better shape…I do train with Jenn whenever the opportunity arises, and we train as friends. We are even enrolled in the same adult gymnastics class in September…To think I was told “you will never function properly ever again” to being able to deadlift one-and-a-half times my body weight, and now gymnastics. Now that is saying something… 
If you need that initial motivation or a consistent, reliable trainer who will be there for you, she’s your woman.

Chris L.

…my body is changing and firming up. Seriously, I did not think visible ab muscles were possible. Could toned thighs be on the horizon? Do I dare to dream?

Jenn is direct, knows her stuff, is encouraging, hilarious and completely non-intimidating. She’s like Barbie with Kung Fu grip (TM). She is the perfect fit for me; maybe she is the trainer for you too.

L. J.

Whatever your starting point, the Witness the Fitness 28-Day Challenge will get you leaner, stronger, and fitter in less than a month!

This personal-trainer led program is a great way to experience Witness the Fitness at an introductory rate. It’s so much more than a weight-loss program: it’s a complete lifestyle reset. That’s why we call it Witness the Fitness!


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